Temporal 101: Getting started with Go

October 26, 2022
12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Tom Wheeler

Principal Curriculum Developer

Get started with Temporal

Temporal is an open source system that provides durable execution for your code, ensuring that your applications are reliable despite failures in the systems on which it depends.

During this hands-on workshop, which assumes no prior knowledge of Temporal, you'll explore the basic building blocks of Temporal, Workflows and Activities, and practice using them to develop and execute applications in Go.

In this 2-hour session, you will:

  • Learn the basic architecture of the Temporal platform
  • Develop and execute Workflows and Activities using the Temporal Go SDK
  • Experiment with failures and retries
  • Use the Web UI to gain insight into current and previous executions
  • Understand how a Temporal cluster orchestrates execution


We want to minimize the barriers for people to learn Temporal, and we know that not everyone is able or willing to install software on their computers. That's why this workshop uses a browser-based exercise environment provided through GitPod. Using a standard Web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, you'll have access to a private Temporal Cluster, as well as terminal windows where you can type commands and an editor you can use to write your code.

The only thing you'll need besides a Web browser is a GitHub account that you can log into from that browser (GitPod uses this to install the exercise code you'll use during the workshop).

About the presenter:

Alternating between software engineering and technical education roles, Tom Wheeler's career spans more than 25 years in the financial, healthcare, aerospace, and tech industries. Prior to joining Temporal, he created and taught training courses at Cloudera, developed engineering software at Boeing, helped design and implement a high-volume data processing system for WebMD, and served as senior programmer/analyst for a brokerage firm. Tom enjoys learning new things and teaching them to others, which has led him to present at several conferences, including Strange Loop, OSCON, JavaOne, Strata, and, of course, Replay. When he manages to step away from the computer, you can probably find him cooking, traveling, or playing guitar.