Temporal Roadmap Updates:
Q4 2022

On-demand webinar

Ryland Goldstein

Head of Product

Take a look at what's to come

At Temporal's Replay 2022 conference, the Temporal team walked through the product roadmap giving our audience a glance at what’s coming down the pipeline. Since that presentation was not recorded, we thought it would be helpful to share the product roadmap with everyone.

In this session, Temporal's Head of Product Ryland Goldstein discusses the current roadmap for the Temporal technology and developer experience. Outside of presenting a list of priorities, we will also provide insight into our "algorithm" for prioritizing what's presented.

Key takeaways
Watch our 30-minute webinar to get insight into:

  • Temporal's current and future product priorities
  • New features and enhancements for all users
  • UI design upgrades to elevate the developer experience
  • Educational resources to help you get started in Temporal

About the presenter:

Ryland Goldstein After becoming interested in programming at an early age, Ryland fell in love with complex system design. His first experiments in programming concerned game design, which lead to the eventual creation of his own game engine. His primary strengths are distributed architecture and scale out machine learning. Ryland started his career managing and leading teams responsible for implementing deep and classical learning algorithms on an in-house high-performance compute runtime. He then started Binaris with two others and served as lead architect for a multi-tenant AWS Lambda competitor. Today, Ryland is the Head of Product for Temporal which is revolutionizing distributed computing.