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A Beginner's Guide to Temporal Cloud

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February 22, 2023 at 9am PST/12pm EST

Temporal is a durable programming model for building distributed applications. It allows developers to express the logic of their application as a series of steps or workflows. Temporal makes sure that no step of the workflow is missed, even if there is a failure.

In this discussion, Temporal's Solutions Architect Keith Tenzer will give a brief introduction to the Temporal platform, demonstrate the power of Temporal Cloud, and present a walkthrough of how to connect your first application.

Key takeaways:

  • The value of Temporal Cloud
  • Dynamically scale up to support new users and use cases
  • Temporal Cloud Console: manage namespace, usage, users, and observability
  • Connect your first application to Temporal Cloud!

Keith Tenzer

Solutions Architect
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Keith has over 20 years of enterprise IT experience with a strong software engineering background. He's worked on the infrastructure side, as a Linux systems and storage administrator, and has worked for several high-profile companies such as Intuit, NetApp, and Red Hat, in the USA and Europe. Throughout his career, Keith has focused a lot of time on application integration and built distinct expertise in this area. Currently, his focus is to help organizations build more reliable applications using the Temporal Cloud.

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