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Saga Pattern: Compensating Transactions at Will Bank

August 8, 2024 at 9am PDT/12pm EDT

Will Bank offers modern banking services to underserved communities in Brazil. These critical financial services are provided to their customers using Temporal to ensure their central transactions go as planned.  As part of this, they need to interact with Pix, a central banking platform that enables users to send or receive payment transfers.

To ensure consistent transactions, the team looked to the Saga pattern, queues, and ad-hoc state, but ultimately turned to Temporal to guarantee transactions complete. Today, they use Temporal for many more workloads.

Key takeaways
In this session, we will be joined by Will Bank Staff Engineer Rabah Zeineddine to talk through:

  • The challenges of financial transactions
  • Using Temporal for fraud Workflows
  • Observability with Temporal
  • Best practices and architecture choices to optimize performance

Staff Engineer
Will Bank

About the presenter

Rabah is a Staff Engineer at Will Bank, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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