Introducing the Linear Developer Experience

On-demand webinar

Dominik Tornow

Principal Engineer at Temporal

Explore a new concept for developers

Many complex systems exhibit a phenomenon known as a tipping point: the moments of rapid and dramatic change that are often irreversible. Software engineers who work on applications are similarly confronted with moments of dramatic change as projects grow over time.

Everything changes when a project outgrows a single database, a request-response communication style, or requires background processing or batch processing. That change includes our developer experience which was simple and delightful up to this point. However, once crossing the threshold, our developer experience becomes complex and dreadful.

So, what do we do about this?

Key takeaways

In this talk, Temporal's Principal Engineer, Dominik Tornow, introduces a new concept that addresses the tipping point phenomenon.Watch our 30-minute conversation on demand to learn:

  • The difference between a linear and non-linear developer experience
  • The difference between durable execution and volatile execution
  • Next steps to implement a delightful developer experience as applications scale

About the presenter:

Dominik Tornow is a Principal Engineer at Temporal. He focuses on systems modeling, specifically conceptual and formal modeling, to support the design and documentation of complex software systems.