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Temporal Community Virtual Meetup:
Halloween Edition


October 31, 2023
9am PT | noon ET | 16:00 GMT



You're Invited

We invite you to join us for our virtual community meetup, on the last Tuesday of the month. This month it lands on Halloween!

If you have questions or would like to speak at an upcoming meetup, post in #meetup-virtual in the community Slack.



See everyone's Halloween costume!

Loren Sands-Ramshaw, Temporal Technologies

Workflow Update
Spencer Judge, Language Runtime Engineer at Temporal

Workflow Update is a new feature that was released in Temporal Server v1.21. Loren will interview Spencer about Update—what it is, what the SDK API looks like, what implementing it in the Core SDK was like, and what the future plans are for the feature.

Talk #2

TBD! Let me know if you're interested in presenting about how you use Temporal at this or future meetups (last Tuesday of each month but Dec). [email protected]

Temporal community meetups follow the Temporal Code of Conduct. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here, and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know.

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