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Simple Local Dev Environments & New Scheduled Workflows

Enjoy this on-demand recording of our webinar!

Released in March 2023, Temporal v1.20 introduced several capabilities that allow users to simplify Temporal development environments and gain more control over scheduling Workflows.

In this discussion, you'll get insight into our latest local development environment improvement (hint: no more containers!), how to use the new Scheduled Workflows, and how you can save time and money by sunsetting existing scheduling infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get a close-up look at what's included in the Temporal v 1.20 release
  • Learn how to build faster with lightweight local tools
  • Run reliable & scalable cron jobs with extensible scheduling
  • Simplify your application architecture with fewer systems

For more information on what's included in this release:

  • Temporal v1.20: Lighter and simpler development environments and improved workflow scheduling [Blog post]
  • Temporalite: The foundation of the new Temporal CLI experience [Blog post]
  • Temporal CLI on Github
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