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Temporal Meetup: Bengaluru


July 26, 2024


Nutanix India, Mercury Block Fl 9, Prestige Tech Park
Marathahalli Kadabeesanahalli
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

You're Invited

Temporal is excited to bring our community meetup series to Bangalore! Join for an evening of technical discussion, have some snacks and drinks, meet with Temporal users and experts, and learn more about distributed systems.

Interested attendees are also encouraged to join our Community Slack to post questions or comments and interact with other local Temporal fans.



Arrival and Networking
Grab some refreshments and chat with members of the local Temporal community


Welcome and Introductions


Durable Execution: What, Why and How? Event driven orchestration with Temporal and Kafka
Avinash Upadhyaya, Platform Engineer,

In this 101-level talk, we will discuss the need for durable execution engines such as Temporal. We will explore the basic building blocks of Temporal and demonstrate use cases for Temporal. Finally, we will look at building event driven applications using Temporal for execution and Apache Kafka for messaging.


Temporal: The Swiss Army Knife for Platform Engineering
Tarun Annapareddy, MSCS at University of Colorado, Boulder, and Nishanth Nalluri, Platform Engineer, Nutanix

This Talk explores how Temporal serves as a "Swiss Army knife" for platform engineering, providing robust support for durable execution and fault-tolerant workflows across diverse use cases.

We delve into multiple real-world use cases where Temporal's capabilities are leveraged to enhance system reliability and developer productivity. From managing and automating CI/CD pipelines to orchestrating long-running business processes and ensuring data consistency across distributed systems.


Q&A and event wrap-up

Code of Conduct:
Temporal Community Meetup officially adopts the Temporal Code of Conduct. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know.

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