San Francisco Temporal Meetup

Lightstep, 101 Green Street

December 6, 2022 @ 5:00pm

You're invited - RSVP to join!

If you're based in the San Francisco Bay area, we'd love to see you at this informal event!

Join us from 5:00-7:30pm on December 6th at the Lightstep offices for talks from Temporal users and team members.

The Underestimated Temporal Feature: Observability

Nicholas Gere-lamaysouette

Software Engineer, Descript

Temporal changed the way we build distributed systems, but also how we operate them. With a combination of open source and custom tooling integrated with Temporal, we are able to deliver software more reliably than ever.

The Linear Developer Experience

Dominik Tornow

Principal Engineer, Temporal Technologies

Many complex systems exhibit a phenomenon known as a tipping point, moments of rapid and dramatic change which is often irreversible. Software engineers are confronted with moments of dramatic change as well. When a project outgrows a single database, when a project outgrows request-response style communication, when a project requires background processing or batch processing, everything changes. That change includes our developer experience.

In this talk we introduce the concept of the Linear Developer Experience and explore how Temporal ensures that your experience continues to be delightful throughout your project