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Summer Camp Webinar

How to Learn Temporal

July 25, 2024 at 10am PST/1pm EST

Temporal is a durable programming model for building distributed applications. It allows developers to express the logic of their application as a series of steps or workflows. Temporal makes sure that no step of the workflow is missed, even if there is a failure.

Whether you've just discovered Temporal or already have some experience, you'll benefit from this one-hour session. Presenters Alex Garnett, Tom Wheeler, and Angela Zhou from Temporal's Education team will walk attendees through a wealth of resources to help you learn and successfully use this technology.

This special hour-long session, part of Temporal Summer Camp, will cover:

  • An introduction to what's covered in our free hands-on training, beginning with Temporal 101 and highlighting what you will learn in our advanced courses
  • How to find a starting point and learning path that best fits your needs
  • Tutorials, SDK-specific code samples, and other resources available to learners
  • How to get engaged with others in the Temporal developer community
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