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Temporal Cloud Observability: Introduction to Tuning Workers with Metrics

Get to know Temporal Cloud

Temporal metrics provide critical data that help make informed decisions for configuration and deployment. These metrics indicate task latency, request success, cache behavior, workflow/activity counts, and more. In this webinar, we will show you how to set up the Temporal SDK and Cloud Observability endpoint so that your team can leverage Temporal metrics to fine-tune, scale, and monitor your applications more effectively.

The Worker is at the heart of a Temporal application and it is vital to any production application to understand its role and underlying parts to maximize Temporal value in your business. Temporal's Principal Solutions Architect Mike Nichols will provide an overview of Worker fundamentals to understand the purpose of the exposed metrics. This helps you interpret what they indicate about your Worker usage and how you might improve your application health. You'll also gain insight into the common reasons Worker tuning is necessary and learn key metrics that help operators reconfigure Workers or plan their deployment to address these conditions.

Worker operators will have more confidence to make critical decisions if they understand the concepts and suggestions made in this webinar. What’s more, this will have impact on the cost, efficiency, and scalability of your Temporal applications.

Key takeaways:

  • Familiarity with setup and consumption of Temporal Cloud and SDK metrics
  • Overview of Worker fundamentals
  • Pointers on key metrics to monitor and how to respond to them

Mike Nichols

Solutions Architect
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Mike has worked for 17 years in software engineering in various leadership and developer roles. He has extensive experience up and down the application stack and has delivered products in large and small organizations across a variety of problem domains. He has led engineering teams using Temporal services to speed product success with its powerful approach to meet real-world application requirements. Now he applies that empathy for developers, architects, and product leadership into solutions for Temporal customers as a Principal Solutions Architect.

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