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Estimating Actions and Cost Breakdown of Temporal Cloud

Building with Temporal Cloud Webinar Series: Session 4 of 5

How much is Temporal Cloud going to cost you vs. self-hosting? What costs should you consider with both options? In this session, we discuss what costs to consider when self-hosting Temporal and how to accurately estimate the actions cost of Temporal Cloud.

Key takeaways

This 50-minute session will:

  • Provide a comparison of what resources are required for self-hosting Temporal vs. using Temporal Cloud
  • Be helpful for anyone interested in Temporal Cloud, or anyone trying to convince their platform teams and/or leadership to adopt Temporal Cloud

Manu Srivastava

Software Design Engineer
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Manu is a Software Engineer at Temporal, currently working on Temporal Cloud. Prior to joning Temporal, he spent 2 years at Uber, working on Driver Compliance and 10 years at Microsoft, working on Azure ServiceBus/IoT/API Management. Personally, Manu can be bribed with Thai food and/or dark chocolate.


Smitty Weygant

Director of
Solutions Architecture
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Smitty is the Director of Solutions Architecture at Temporal, leading a team of a dozen Solutions Architects.

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