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Developing and Debugging Workflows with the TypeScript SDK and Visual Studio Code

In this webinar, we showcase the Temporal plugin for Visual Studio Code (VS Code). We delve into the groundbreaking replay debugging capability offered by the extension, which sets it apart from traditional debugging methods. You’ll learn how to seamlessly navigate the Event History from your editor. We’ll primarily focus on debugging TypeScript workflows so that you’ll come away with a toolset that promises increased efficiency and precision.

We also go over some of the new features in the Temporal Web UI that make it easy to develop and debug your workflows.

Key takeaways:

  • See the VS Code plugin in action
  • Hear what sets this extension apart from traditional debugging methods
  • Get a peek into new Temporal Web UI features

Follow along with the demo by running:
npx @temporalio/create@latest replay-demo --sample vscode-debugger.

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