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Saga Pattern Simplified: Building Sagas with Temporal

Multi-step business transactions can pose a challenge. How does a transaction recover if a step fails? How do you ensure consistent state? Development patterns such as Sagas can help you ensure your application recovers from failure and maintains the correct state.

In this session, we will give a brief overview of Sagas and how they help manage transactional workflows. Then we will introduce you to Temporal: a Durable Execution platform that makes Sagas easier to build, test, and run. We will also show you how to code a Saga pattern using Temporal, and demonstrate the significant benefits of Temporal for Sagas, such as improved fault tolerance, easy rollback mechanisms, and enhanced insight into transaction state.

Key takeaways
In this webinar, we cover:
  • An overview of Temporal
  • The benefits and challenges of Sagas
  • How to implement Saga patterns in Temporal and why is Temporal a great option for Sagas

Note: Prior knowledge of Temporal is not required.
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