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Availability and Disaster Recovery in Temporal Cloud

Building with Temporal Cloud Webinar Series: Session 2 of 5

Most development teams have requirements to provide at least 3 9’s of availability for critical applications. In this session, we discuss how Temporal as a programming model is inherently resilient, how Temporal Cloud is architected for high availability, the RTO/RPO Temporal Cloud provides, and a sneak peak of our upcoming multi-region feature, Global Namespaces.

Key takeaways

In this 35-minute session, we go over:

  • Details on what to expect of Temporal Cloud’s high availability and fault-tolerance, and how these capabilities can help you meet your SLAs
  • An overview of the much-anticipated Global Namespaces feature and how it will let you easily achieve even better fault-tolerance with Temporal Cloud

Liang Mei

Senior Manager, Engineering
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Liang brings over a decade of specialized expertise in distributed systems, helping teams to build more reliable and scalable applications. At Temporal, he heads the team responsible for designing and developing the core replication stack. This key innovation enables Temporal to achieve extraordinary levels of availability, surpassing the capabilities of a single cluster. Through the replication stack, Liang’s team develops and provides the global namespaces offering on Temporal Cloud, ensuring 99.99% availability and resilience against regional outages. Additionally, they create various internal tools that seamlessly migrate customer workloads between clusters. Prior to joining Temporal, Liang was the manager of the Uber Cadence team and an active contributor in the Cadence community.


Nikitha Suryadevara

Senior Product Manager, Cloud
Temporal Technologies

About the presenter

Nikitha is a Senior Product Manager at Temporal based in San Francisco. Her expertise is in the area of making distributed system architectures more accessible and usable for developers. Prior to Temporal, she was a Product Manager at Google Cloud, working on Borg. She also helped shipped the first iteration of VMware’s Kubernetes portfolio, Tanzu.

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