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Temporal Meetup:

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October 19, 2023

Developers located in Paris are also encouraged to join the #meetup-paris channel in our community Slack instance to post questions or comments and interact with other local Temporal fans.



Arrival and Networking
Grab some refreshments and chat with other members of the local Temporal community


Deployment workflow with Temporal at TheFork
Zijian Zuo - Software Engineer, TheFork
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Temporal as the all-in-one IT Operation Workflow Platform
Adrien Pestel - CTO, Claranet
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Non-stop port scanning: the Temporal advantage
Guillaume Granjus - CyberThreat Intelligence Lead, Intrinsec
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Reconciling Orchestration and Choreography with Temporal
Nader Jalloul - Principal Software Developer, Murex


Q&A and event wrap-up
Speakers will answer audience questions before the event concludes for the evening.

Code of Conduct:
Temporal Community Meetup officially adopts the Temporal Code of Conduct. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know.

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