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Temporal Happy Hour:


July 9, 2024 at 7pm


Vu Rooftop
133 E Cermak Road,
Chicago, IL, 60616

You're Invited

Temporal is excited to bring this Happy Hour back to Chicago, along with our friends from Apartment 304 and Neosync. Whether you're local to the Chicago area or just visiting for this year's GopherCon event, we'd love to have you! Please RSVP to join us for refreshments, conversation, and excellent swag!

Interested attendees are also encouraged to join our community Slack to post questions or comments and interact with other local Temporal fans.

Co-hosted by:

Apartment 304 specializes in cloud architecture, DevOps, and application development services. We help teams of all sizes scale and innovate with reliable solutions. From startups to established enterprises, we deliver the expertise and support needed to achieve lasting success.

Neosync is an open source platform that helps developers anonymize production data, generate synthetic data and sync it across their environments for better testing, debugging and developer experience. Companies use Neosync to safely test code against anonymized production data and easily debug production issues locally.

Temporal is an open source solution that abstracts away complexity from building scalable, distributed systems and helps developers deliver more reliable applications, faster. Learn more at

Code of Conduct:
Temporal community meetups follow the Temporal Code of Conduct. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here, and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know.

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