A Guided Tour of Temporal’s New Web UI

On-demand webinar

Steve Kinney

Head of Engineering, Frontend and Developer Tools

Get a first look at the Temporal Web UI

Temporal's Web UI is a powerful way to visualize the current status of your workflows and their events in the browser. We recently released a set of tools for managing users and namespaces in Temporal Cloud. In this workshop, we’ll go on a tour of some of the best practices for using Temporal as both a developer and someone operating and managing Temporal Cloud.

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Diagnose workflow issues in development and production environments
  • Create additional namespaces in Temporal Cloud
  • Invite users to a Temporal Cloud organization, and manage user roles and access
  • Connect Temporal Cloud to third-party observability tools

About the presenter:

Steve Kinney leads the team at Temporal that builds the web user interface, command line interface, and developer tools for working with Temporal.